Staff Wellbeing

Hello, my name is Rosie Drage and I am one of the Matron’s working at Langley Green Hospital, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Workforce well-being is a topic that I am both personally and professionally passionate about. It is of course also something that is being highlighted and focused on nationwide, and rightly so. I was so pleased to see that within our recent staff survey our staff continue to look forward to coming to work and remain enthusiastic about their work as well as being able to make suggestions to improve and show initiative. This I feel is something, especially within our current climate, that should be celebrated.

Following a visit from Tony and Angie from the Positive Practice in Mental Health Collaborative in September 2018, we were invited along to the national Positive Practice Awards in Liverpool alongside our amazing Chief Executive Sam Allen and our nominated colleagues from CAMHS. It was a fantastic evening highlighting and celebrating good practice across the UK. Langley Green Hospital was surprised with a ‘Team of The Year Award’ which sits proudly in our reception.

Following this I was fortunate enough to be asked by Tony and Angie to take up the role of a co-lead in their Staff Well-being special interest group, alongside Ellie Walsh from the incredible NAViGO and to provide some examples of good practice to go into their very nearly finished report!  We recently held a group facilitating discussions around staff well-being, recruitment and retention and were able to share what good practice was happening over the UK as well as arranging to visit each other’s services. Something that stuck in my mind was the concept that we all have a duty of care to self-care. Something that as nurses we aren’t very good at doing! We were then invited along to Parliament to be a part of presenting the report. Speaking within Parliament will definitely go down there with one of the most memorable moments of my career. I feel very lucky to be able to do the job I do.

You can find the report that we were lucky enough to be a part of, here. It is a great read full of lovely examples of good practice from various providers:—a-happy-healthy-workforce.pdf?sfvrsn=25749e62_0

Running alongside all of the amazing work that is carried out 24/7 within the hospital, a key message within the leader-leader model that we work under is never to forget the basic acts of kindness and time to ask how someone is- and waiting for the answer. We are passionate about being transparent and honest, and learning together. We don’t make any decisions without our service leaders and why would we? Amongst high pressured environments and an ongoing reduction in resource we must not neglect or lose sight of the reason we are here, not let this stop us from seeking regular feedback and continuing to develop and learn together with service leaders and carers.

I am so proud to be a nurse, a leader and a tiny little cog in our wonderful NHS. I am passionate about promoting our staff to engage in good self-care. After all, if we are not rested and looking forward to coming to work how do we expect to care for others? Quite simply, a happy team = a happy ward. I saw a recent tweet saying yes our workforce is stretched, but it is our responsibility to ensure that we create and maintain working environments that are supportive, open and appealing for those nurses that do work within our services and that are coming into nursing. I am so proud of both that and the ‘feel’ that people get when they come to Langley Green when they meet our lovely staff and their smiles. I love keeping up my weekly shift in numbers and I’m a great believer management in numbers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post! If anyone would like to come and hear more about well-being, recruitment and retention or meet to share good practice, we’d love to hear from you! My email is: 

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